Adopting aorist Lean 6 Sigma in your business

  • step1
    We help you identify the critical issues where applying 6 Sigma will deliver most benefit
    So you target your step-change improvement effort where it matters most
    depicting an aorist consultant identifying critical issues to be addressed via lean 6 Sigma

    The issues are identified using a combination of your team's knowledge of your business's processes, and our knowledge of effective 6 Sigma application.

    6 Sigma is a step-change improvement approach. We work with you and your team to pinpoint the issues in your business that will benefit most from 6 Sigma, and consider how best to apply it to those issues.
  • step2
    We train your team in Lean 6 Sigma thinking and tools
    So your team can start to make step-change improvements to their processes
    depicting an aorist trainer training a client team in Lean 6 Sigma methods

    We work with your team to build the skills they need to dramatically improve their processes.

    We help your team understand how, when and where to use 6 Sigma to achieve step-change improvements to their processes. We also work with the team to consider different approaches to targeting and change, to help make the improvements an enduring part of 'the way we do things around here'.
  • a client team members lean 6 sigma improvement storyboard

    We work with your team to apply Lean 6 Sigma to quickly get the very best performance from your processes.

    We work with your team to build their capability and ensure that 6 Sigma is applied rigorously and effectively, and so will dramatically increase output and reduce cost in your business. To find out more, simply contact us.