aorist Lean 6 Sigma Brown Belt for service businesses training

Advanced-level product / service / process design

  • step1
    We discuss your needs with you and help you identify suitable first projects
    So your design efforts get off to a successful start
    depicting an aorist lean 6 sigma trainer / consultant select Brown Belt projects

    We work with you and your team to identify some initial (re)design projects of the right size and complexity for Brown Belt trainees, that will deliver major benefit for your service business.

    We work with you and your team to identify issues in your service business that are of a nature that is suited to trainees first design projects, and will show how Lean 6 Sigma-based design can significantly increase output and reduce cost.
  • step2
    We train your team in Lean 6 Sigma design to Brown Belt level
    So your team can design new processes, services and products
    depicting a lean 6 sigma brown belt training course exercise to stratify the voice of the customer

    We work with your team to build the skills they need to design new processes and services.

    We help your team understand exactly how to apply Lean 6 Sigma design to their first projects in your service business. The Brown Belt course - generally for up to 12 attendees - lasts between 3 and 4 days, depending on content and attendees. The course is delivered in 2 blocks of 1 or 2 days, normally separated by a month to allow trainees to apply their learning to their design projects.
  • an example lean 6 sigma trainee DFSS (Quality Function Deploymen) matrix

    We work with your team to help trainees apply Lean 6 Sigma design to quickly get the best performance from your processes.

    We work with your team to build their capability and ensure that Lean 6 Sigma design is applied rigorously, rapidly and effectively, and so increase output and reduce cost in your service business. To find out more, simply contact us.


  •    Thanks for your help and support ... I've learnt a lot. Now to put it into practice!
    L.H., Business Improvement Specialist
  •     Potentially 'heavy' subject delivered in an engaging, interesting and informative way. Highly relevant to current project work so this could drive system improvements invaluable to our business now, and in the future.
    S.P., Senior Process Manager