aorist Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics training for service businesses

Intermediate-to-Advanced-level Business Improvement

  • step1
    We discuss your needs with you and help you identify suitable projects for Systems Thinking training
    So your improvement efforts get off to a successful start, and deliver high-value changes
    depicting an aorist consultant helping a group of managers select systems thinking training projects

    We work with you and your team to identify Systems Thinking training projects of the right value, size and complexity for your trainees. These projects will deliver significant benefit for your service business.

    We work with you and your team to identify issues in your service business that are of a nature, priority and complexity that is suited to Systems Thinking trainees initial projects. These people will be your expert System Thinking / Business Improvement resource. They will want initial projects that - whilst manageable - challenge them, and allow them to demonstrate what they can do to resolve complex issues, increase output and reduce costs in your service business.
  • step2
    We train your team in Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics for service businesses
    So your team can understand, visualise, explore and resolve key performance issues
    depicting an aorist lean 6 sigma trainer / consultant helping a team in Systems Thinking training, to reflect their models in iTHINK / STELLA Architect systems dynamics software

    We work with you and your team to train and apply Systems Thinking / Dynamics for service business tools and methods to address complex, inter-related issues in your business.

    We help your team understand exactly how and where to apply Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics methods to resolve key service business issues. The Systems Thinking / Systems Dynamics training course typically runs over 3 to 4 days for up to 8 attendees, plus aorist facilitation and implementation support. Software used in the Systems Dynamics simulations is isee Systems iTHINK or STELLA Architect.
  • step3
    an example storyboard from a Systems Thinking training project

    We work with your team to help trainees apply their Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics training at expert level to deliver rapid performance improvement.

    We work with your team to build their capability as your service business experts in Systems Thinking. We ensure that Systems Thinking is applied rigorously, rapidly and effectively, to increase output and reduce cost in your service business. To find out more, simply contact us.


  •     This gives us the ability to really optimise what we are recommending and planning, and be sure it will work when implemented.
    A.R., Senior Manager
  •     The client loved the Systems Dynamics model we built for them during training. It exactly decribed their process and issues, and enabled them to get buy-in to funded solutions from their senior leadership team.
    R.C, Senior Manager