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Case Study - Reducing Broken Promises by over 98% via Lean 6 Sigma


On average, 36% of the promises a major business made to its customers were broken.

1. We measured failures

On a Process Behaviour Chart, to understand if the problem was systemic. The way the problem manifests (systemically or not) determines the most efficient and effective improvement approach to adopt.

2. We identified hypothesised causes

Using a fishbone diagram, to highlight the key presenting causes.

3. We tested the hypothesised causes to identify the real root causes, and then solutionised, the root causes

By correlating the hypothesised causes to the problem to ensure proven causality, when we solutionised we were confident of success by adressing the genuine causes of the problem.

4. We implemented and measured

We adopted the solution and continued adding data to the Process Behaviour Chart established in Step 1., to ensure changes were effective, and sustained.

5. Result

The percentage of broken promises was reduced to < 0.5% on average, a 98%+ reduction!


Delivery to Plan


Broken Promises Reduction


ROI from aorist consultancy, training and coaching

Businesses typically benefit from a 50 - 100+ times rate of return, when measuring the cost of an aorist Lean 6 Sigma or Systems Thinking / Systems Dynamics Simulation training course and coaching against the benefits derived from applying it the very first time in their business.