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Case Study - Increasing processing capacity and throughput capability by almost 50% via Systems Dynamics Process Simulation and Lean


A medical treatment facility was experiencing significant delays in patient treatment.

1. We gathered process data

To understand the actual times treatment was taking to be delivered.

2. We built a Systems Dynamics Process Simulation

To understand where critical bottlenecks occurred in the delivery of treatment.

3. We simulated the dynamics of the process and identified critical bottlenecks - and how to remove them

To make the process run both more quickly and more consistently, and so increase throughput to deliver more treatments in a given time period.

5. Result

Processing capacity and throughput capability was increased by almost 50%. Patients were treated both more quickly, and more consistently!


Delivery to Plan


Processing Capacity and Throughput Capability Increase


ROI from aorist consultancy, training and coaching

Businesses typically benefit from a 50 - 100+ times rate of return, when measuring the cost of an aorist Lean 6 Sigma or Systems Thinking / Systems Dynamics Simulation training course and coaching against the benefits derived from applying it the very first time in their business.