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Case Study - Increasing Market Share by 100% via Lean 6 Sigma


The sales of mortgages were under target in a key region of a national Financial Services business.

1. We listened to customers (both Introducers and Purchasing Customers)

To find out what really mattered. We used Design For 6 Sigma methods to do this.

2. We identified some branches in the Region that had (statistically) high market shares, and high levels of competition, relative to other branches

To understand which branches could give us all insights to the potential causes of high performance.

3. We identified the causes and behaviours of abnormally high systemic performance

Which correlated strongly with what the customers had said was important to them.

4. We adopted these causes and behaviours in other branches across the region

To ensure everyone was operating consistently, to a high standard.

5. Result

Market share increased by 100%!


Delivery to Plan


Market Share Increase


ROI from aorist consultancy, training and coaching

Businesses typically benefit from a 50 - 100+ times rate of return, when measuring the cost of an aorist Lean 6 Sigma or Systems Thinking / Systems Dynamics Simulation training course and coaching against the benefits derived from applying it the very first time in their business.