Building a Systems Dynamics Model for your service business with aorist

  • step1
    We build the model together with your team
    So all the processing relationships and variables are clear
    showing part of a systems dynamics model

    The model is built using a combination of your team's knowledge of your service business's processes, and our knowledge of building systems dynamics models.

    We work with you and your team to build a model that represents all the critical relationships in the processes you want to analyse for bottlenecks, improve and / or re-engineer. In the example shown, the processing to determine whether a call centre agent is free to talk with a customer is defined, as well as whether sufficient agents are available, whether a customer is waiting to talk to an agent, etc.
  • step2
    We add the necessary controls and data displays
    So you can 'drive' the model and explore change
    showing the controls in the system dynamics model

    We work with your team to add the necessary controls and data displays to the model.

    We help your team identify the most useful controls for the model with their correct ranges of operation, and the best data displays. The controls let you and your team explore all the 'what if ...' scenarios you want to, and the data displays show the results of each run of the model at a given set of control settings. In the example shown, the agents, their availability, the number of customers calling, the call times and their variability (amongst numerous other parameters not shown) can be altered and assessed via the controls.
  • step3
    We help your team identify the optimum settings for maximum performance
    So you know what to improve, where and when
    depicting an aorist consultant working with a client to identify key settings for the systems dynamics model

    We work with your team to clarify the settings on the model that give the best performance.

    And having identified the best 'settings' on the model, we can help you achieve these - and so increase output and reduce cost in your service business - by applying Lean and 6 Sigma methods to achieve the settings your processes need to work at their best. To find out more, simply contact us.