The Control Chart

  • 1
    Control limits.
    Represent how well your process is capable of performing now, when it operates 'normally', and how much variation you can expect.
  • 2
    Out of control points.
    Show the abnormalities in your process, which represent quick opportunities to improve your process and reduce variation.
  • 3
    Causes and actions .
    Record the root causes of the out of control points, and the actions taken by your teams to prevent them happening again.


Service Process Management

Control the processes in your business and minimise variation to get the results you need.

Effective process control and variation reduction is critical to successfully increasing output and reducing costs in complex and inter-dependent service processes. Through our years of experience in helping clients manage processes more effectively and minimise variation, we can help you increase output, reduce costs, and make your results significantly more reliable and predictable.

Example Process Management service project - reducing and controlling invoice defects